Green / White / Black Screen Studio

Our studio is a fully functional within a noise reduced room. We have 22' ceilings, no windows or skylights providing complete controlled lighting. Our equipment is completely portable. We can come to your office.

Our studio is available for rent in blocks of time. Bring in your own video and sound equipment or use our equipment. With our specialized field recorders, our video is ready for edit as soon as it is recorded.


  • 1000 watts softbox backdrop lighting.
  • 500 watt LOWELL Rifa softbox front lighting.
  • 300 watt LOWELL TOTA umbrella fill.
  • 500 watt LOWELL OMNI barndoor light.
  • 100 watt LOWELL barndoor Key light.
  • Gels available.


  • MXL V69 Tube Mogami Microphone.
  • Sony NV-1 Shotgun Microphone.
  • Sony PMW-EXCAM 1 1080/720 Video Camera.
  • Atomos Samurai HDD Field Recorder.
  • Slider Rail, Tripods
  • Tiffen Steadicam